Why Web Design Awards Matter (Even When Websites Are Not Functional)

Websites that win web design awards are often misunderstood. They’re misunderstood because despite stellar interactions, layouts and composition, their functionality is always a bit questionable.

It’s something I’ve bashed in the best: award-winning websites that are subpar in terms of functionality. My mindset was always “A good website is one that fulfills the client’s goals”.

I’ve come to realize that these award-winning websites are simply going after something else. They are trying to push the boundaries of design and explore what is possible so that the world of web design can keep moving forward and continually innovate.

Without the Milan Fashion Show, would normal clothes ever evolve? I think not. Same goes for award-winning websites. Watch the video to get my full take on the matter.

What are your thoughts on award-winning websites with suboptimal functionality? Let me know in the comments!

00:00 Intro
1:43 My conversation with Bruno Arizio
2:30 Fashion show analogy
5:30 Conclusion

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