WEB DESIGN CHALLENGE: Testing Your Redesigns!

We’re so excited to share this month’s web design challenge with you guys. It’s a very special one.

This time around, the company TopStackResume reached out to us to be the test subject for our students’ redesign challenge.

Basically, our students were tasked with redesigning the TopStackResume website.

We picked the top 5 redesigns who will actually be building out their designs in Webflow. These live webpages will then be A/B tested by TopStackResume to see which design converts best!

The current TopStackResume website: https://bit.ly/2LWyTIm

Top 5 Student redesigns:
Juhi Khatri: http://bit.ly/3qQjXdA
Celine Winkel: http://bit.ly/39VHJxG
Matthias Cordes: http://bit.ly/3a6VE48 and https://youtu.be/He1AvFL6FL0
Bas van Straaten: http://bit.ly/3iMn4jQ
Dang Nguyen: http://bit.ly/3caRzPe

00:00 Intro
1:13 Going over the current site
2:10 The challenge
2:30 Reviewing your redesigns
5:10 Top 5 redesigns

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Thanks for watching the video!

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