Tools To Develop Your Website in 2020 (Webflow, Wix & More) | Free Web Design Course Episode 19

So you’ve designed your website from top to bottom and now you want to develop it for the world to see. In this video, I cover your options.

Often times designers aren’t fully certain when it comes to choosing a development option to turn their web designs into reality. It’s understandable given the multitude of options out there: From easy but limited to harder but full freedom of customization.

It’s only once you can decide on what kind of experience you want out of development that you can decide on a specific tool. This video should help you with that narrowing down process.

What’s your favourite website development tool? Let me know in the comments!

00:00 Intro
00:40 Website development options
1:00 You can code the website
1:17 Easy but rigid website builders
3:15 Visual coding options
6:48 Content management systems

Web development tools mentioned in the video:

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