Recreating an Award-Winning Website Animation in Webflow

By popular request! And here’s the link to the Webflow project so you can explore how it was done:

Award-winning website:

Whenever we do our “Top 5 websites of the month” videos, we often get comments such as “Can this be done with Webflow?” or “Can you please do a rebuild of this website?”.

So, we obliged. Here’s a simple but impressive responsive type effect that you can easily incorporate in your next Webflow project.

Please do let us know if we should do more of this type of video 💜

Are you a WordPress user curious about Webflow? We wrote an article comparing the two:

00:00 Intro
0:55 The effect
2:25 Jumping into Webflow
3:10 Creating a scrolling area
3:45 Positioning the text
7:00 Sizing the text
9:40 Creating the interaction

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Thanks for watching the video!

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