My Thoughts About The Reduced Plans At Siteground 😢

Here are the answers to common questions I get:
1. Will the number of websites be reduced to 2 when I renew my Grow Big plan? Answer: No, you will keep the unlimited plan! 😊
2. Should I leave Siteground? Answer: It depends. When you have the Grow Big account with 3 or more websites I would definitely stay for the $ 24,99 and the option to add new domains.
3. If I would start, should I use Siteground? Answer: No, I recommend NameHero. It is cheaper and has the same quality.
4. How do I transfer my websites to another web-hosting provider? Answer: Here I explain how to do that:

Again, Siteground is not a bad web hosting provider, but their focus is now on bigger companies which makes it not the best fit for upcoming or beginning companies. I will not promote them anymore since they do not fit in the vision of this channel anymore which is: Providing video tutorials about high-quality tools for an affordable price. The quality is high at Siteground, but the price is not ‘affordable’ anymore.

How to Select the Best Logo Designing Company?

Logos can be quite complicated sometimes; no issue the number of efforts you place in making one all by on your own, there are times when you wind up in irritation. The reason is basic – you are not a specialist designer; it is not as very easy as it appears. After all, you can not have a layout representing your business, simply by drawing a couple of lines or having a curvy alphabet.

Why User Experience Is Important in Web Design

Years ago you can simply intermingle any kind of old web site as well as it would offer its purpose and also make your organization money, but fast ahead to 2016 and also the web is a lot extra challenging. The class that goes into websites in this day and age is fairly amazing. In this write-up we consider why the individual experience is so crucial when it comes to site layout.

User Experience in Web Design – Why It’s Important

Lengthy gone are the times where you can merely toss a website up as well as it would certainly place as well as make your business cash, no the internet is a lot more advanced as well as today internet sites are far more complicated, yet if you obtain them ideal your service will benefit, get it incorrect and also your company will certainly endure. It this post we take a look at the importance of the individual experience when it involves your companies internet site style, so continue reading. Customer experience or UX is a widely important factor to take into consideration when developing a.

Ten Reasons To Have Your Very Own Website

If you are residing in today’s world, you definitely understand exactly how important the net is to all of us. No matter if you have a company to introduce to your possible consumers or you are an individual supplying some type of entertainment to individuals around you, all that issues is that you have your existence on the web. Without a solid existence in the online world, it is simply not possible for you to gain appeal as well as be known to those you want to approach.

5 Signs That It’s Time to Redesign Your Website

No question, your web site is the heart beat of your online company that assists to develop your on the internet visibility among your clients and rivals too. To draw in a great deal of consumers to your website, you have to consider their circumstance. It goes without saying, a customer just sees your site if you offer them a factor that simply means an eye-catching design and also relevant information that draw them to your website.

E-Commerce and Web Design: How They Interact and Why

Research study specifies that a typical private brows the web a lot more on their phone than on their computer system and the average time of web searching has likewise increased in the previous couple of years. This suggests industry for on the internet services. Consequently, this suggests significant service for internet designers as well as web designers given that they are the ones that actually create online company profits and profits. This is because individuals only see web sites that are easy to use, easy to navigate, have pertinent content, work fast and have appealing formats; all these aspects are established by internet developer a company works with. This short article speaks about the relevance of website, their advancement and also upkeep.

5 Trends That Logo Design Companies in The World Are Following

Logo design creating is very important for every firm, as it aids to boos the company’s track record. The patterns in logo design creating has actually transformed and also boosted in the year 2016. Maximize your business by selecting any of the trending designs.

Why More Pages Is Not Always Optimal For Your Small Business’s Website

It is well recorded in several instances that more is not always far better. This holds true when it comes to internet design as well as the variety of web pages you should have for your service’s web site.

A Business Website – More Important Than Brick & Mortar?

To a few of you who read this, it might appear like a forgone final thought that business sites are undoubtedly critical in today’s company landscape. I am often astonished at just how frequently I am STILL consulted with a somewhat lackadaisical or perhaps a straight-out bold frame of mind when it involves the value of an organization internet site.

Top Web Design Trends to Look Out For in 2016

Not a day goes by without a brand-new small design innovation or an additional one-of-a-kind and much more imaginative method of using internet developing codes. The body of website design is streamlined & transformative, shedding clear layer after layer as it mixes and also matches perpetually new garments.

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