How to Save and Publish Your Wix Website

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In this Wix tutorial, learn how to save and publish your Wix website. You can preview your Wix site on desktop and mobile to make sure it looks great on all devices.

Enter the name you want your site’s URL to contain before you publish.

When you select a Wix template and start customizing it, you can’t pick another one. That’s why we recommend you play around with Wix’s elements and styling first.

We also look at what different Wix premium plans give you, including a free domain name for a year and Facebook and Google advertising credits.

You get a 14-day risk-free trial of a premium package if you decide to upgrade. However, our advice is to sign up for a free Wix account and see if you enjoy using it, before committing to the trial.

To compare Wix with other builders, visit our chart:

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