How to Hit All of Your Goals | My Daily Documentation Process

I set aside 15 minutes every single day to document how my day went. This helps me keep track of my progress and goals. In this video, I want to show you how I go about doing this.

As humans, we often lose track of the little wins we accumulate throughout the day. Few of us take the time to reflect and actively try to recall the successes and failures of the day.
That is where this process comes in. Documenting your day forces you to actively recall how it went and truly reflect on your progress. Over a longer period of time, this gives you clarity on where you’re headed and whether you’re progressing towards your goals or not (and at what rate).

Will you be documenting your day? Do you already have some variation of this in place? Let me know in the comments!



Progress Made

What I did well

What I’m stuck with

How will tomorrow be better?


This Weeks Successes

This Weeks Struggles

How to make next week better?

00:00 Intro
00:50 My business coach
1:25 Why I do this
2:20 How I document
6:50 The benefits

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