How To Create a Facebook Business Page and get your first 100 likes

If you want to create a Facebook Business page and get your first 100 likes, just follow along in this tutorial. I will show you step by step how to create a Facebook Business page!
How you can create a Facebook Business page. So the first thing we need to do is go to You need to have an account over here and when you are here at Facebook, let’s come go to this down arrow over here and say, create a page, and you see an overview with different kinds of options. We can have local business or a place, for instance, a bookstore you’re, a doctor or you’re a hotel, or you can go to a company organization or institution.

If I click here, you can choose a category chemicals company, energy, something like that or a brand or a product, maybe you’re a famous person or you have a band or you’re an artist. Then you need to go over here and select the category. Maybe it’s just for entertainment, you can select a category or it’s a cause or community, in my case it’s in company organization or institution. So I click here. I select the category.

I give education, so I click on education and the company name is fairly folks. I say: let’s get started, facebook wants to know where my page is about, so I can tell it over here. My website is 30 dogs dot com and I will save this info. I can upload a profile picture upload from my computer, and here it is on the desktop fairly talks in the best resolution is 1024 by 1024. I opened this one now it is uploading, and I say next I want to add this to my favorites.

So I say add to favorites over here and I click on next. Here I can say what kind of people I want to connect with well a lot of people, so I can include places here at locations. I can say everyone in this location. People traveling in this location, all kinds of options. I say everyone in this location and everybody in California, Utah Arizona.

You can select everything you want over here I scroll down the h18 till 65. I think people from 13 will be also interested men and women interests. You can fill in some suggestions, so I say Photoshop or photography, Photoshop, but also WordPress, making films, filmmaking, etc. The language is English, and I save this, and here it is our own page. I add a cover.


I upload a photo. Then click on the header’. I open it and I can drag to reposition it and for now this is OK, Save Changes, and this is how it looks like. Of course, I need to change this picture because it’s behind the profile picture, but this is how you make your own page, and I can change some things at about. I click here and I put my address here and save the changes I want to create a new username, but I can’t because I need to have 25 likes before I can do that.

I have to invite some people now. I want to place my first post. So I go to home, I go to YouTube my channel. Go to this video copy, the link post it over here and say: learn how to clone yourself multiple times in a picture and publish it. The last thing I want to do I want to invite some people, my friends, so invite friends, search old friends or from my neighborhood, so I invite some people and when I have 25 likes, I can create my own username and my own URL over here.

So I don’t like to do this actually, but I’m thinking I want to, I give people their own choice to like it or not. So I’m just going to invite everybody all my friends. This can take a while. It will help my page to grow and to get more exposure I’ll be back when I have 25 likes you, so I think I invited 16 other people. Let me see yeah sixteen hundred people and it says zero likes.

Let’S refresh this, and now, if 32 likes so right now, if we go to about scroll down to page info and we can choose the username and my username will be 30 talks create username and, as you see it’s working right now great I go to about. I go to page info what you see my username is category. I will do that and enter vacation, Save Changes and that’s how it is done.

So if I go to Facebook and go to my page fairy, talks is here. Facebook is come / fairy talks and I got my first 37 likes within one hour, so that’s it for now. Thank you for watching this tutorial and I hope to see you next time. Bye, bye,

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