Finding Your Voice in Web Design (w/ Bruno Arizio)

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Finding your voice in web design requires quite the journey.

Today, I share with you a fantastic interview I had with award-winning Brazilian designer, Bruno Arizio. We explore his journey, where he’s at now, how everyday design continues to move forward and much more.

Without a distinguished voice and a unique differentiator, it’ll be hard for you to stand out amongst the plethora of designers out there.

All it takes to develop your own distinct voice is relentlessly embarking on your journey as a designer. Luckily, there are infinite journeys you can embark on so enjoy the process, be patient and reap the rewards of your unique path.

Do you feel like you’ve found your voice in web design (or on your way to finding it)? Let me know in the comments!

00:00 Intro
1:10 Bruno’s Journey
8:14 Bruno Currently
13:55 Moving design forward
15:45 Architectural consistency and design
22:00 Motivation, design school and making money
33:30 Meeting an incredible developer to realize your designs
45:30 Conclusion

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