Divi vs Elementor Pro | In-Depth Comparison

In this video, we will talk about the 2 most popular page builders. Divi and Elementor Pro. After watching this video you will know which page builder is the best option for you. Not only that. You will also learn how to work with both page builders. So it’s a comparison video and tutorial in one.

Get Elementor Pro: https://ferdykorp.com/elementor/
Get Divi: https://wpressdoctor.com/getdivi/

Channel of The Wpress Doctor: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVitC7F_eiYyBQHmoeRy7yw

I compare Divi and Elementor Pro with a PC and a Mac. There is no right or wrong. With both, you can accomplish almost the same but every user has a preference for a PC or Mac. I think it is the same with Elementor Pro and Divi. I prefer Elementor Pro but I am definitely not against Divi. The WPress Docter is a Divi user but not against Elementor Pro.

Besides that, competition helps both page builders to become better, so we are the big winners here! We get 2 page builders that are becoming better and better.

These are the features we will cover:
00:00 Intro
02:28 Divi and Elementor Pro Pricing
05:34 The Customer Support
09:31 Smart Search Bar
11:48 Advanced Contact Form
16:54 Can You Import A Website In One Click?
20:03 Can You Make Any Module or Element Sticky?
22:58 Dark Interface
24:51 Background Overlays
28:56 Global Colors
31:56 Revisions and History
40:46 Mouse Effects
42:00 Color Palettes
47:55 Animated Headers
51:11 Entrance Animations
55:31 Switch Between Templates On The Same Page
56:58 The Theme Builder
01:00:02 WooCommerce Templates
01:03:44 Popups
01:09:25 Change Content Per Device
01:12:13 Divi Modules and Elementor Pro Elements
01:16:14 What Are The Best External Plugins?
01:18:02 Divi and FontAwesome, Elementor Pro and Font Awesome
01:24:58 Effects On Hover
01:29:15 Navigating Through The Editor
01:33:59 Section Dividers
01:37:14 Mobile Responsiveness
01:40:01 What Happens With Your Website When You Cancel Your Subscription?
01:46:00 Exporting And Importing Templates

Elementor Pro Pricing vs Divi Pricing
When it comes to pricing there is an option to get a lifetime license with Elegant Themes (which includes Divi) and use it on unlimited websites. With Elementor Pro you pay per year, depending on the number of licenses you want to get.

Elementor Pro Support vs Divi Support
With both page builders, you get a custom answer within 48 hours. With Divi, you can toggle a switch that enables the Divi support to access your website and fix the problem for you. With Elementor you get a custom answer with screenshots and arrows so you can see what needs to be done. Both page builders have amazing documentation.

Elementor Pro Finder vs Divi Actions Module
With both page builders, you can navigate through the website or page builder functions using the Elementor Pro Finder (CMD/Control + E) and the Divi Actions Module (Shift + Spacebar). When you get used to it it will save you a ton of time in your workflow.

The Theme Builder
Both Elementor Pro and Divi have a theme builder that enables you to create every single page on the website. But not only that. Also create templates for blog posts, portfolio pages, WooCommerce Product, and Archive pages. And you can create custom headers and footers and assign them to any page on the website. So the sky is the limit. So Elementor Pro and Divi are not only page builders, but complete theme builders.

Responsive Web Design
Making your website responsive for all devices has never been easier. Both with Elementor and Divi it is easy to make your website mobile responsive. You can change all the parameters for every device. Desktop, Tablet, and Smartphone. So you can align a text on the desktop to the left, on a tablet to the right, and on a smartphone to the center. And you can adjust everything to the pixel.

Cancel your subscription
A question we get a lot is what happens when you cancel your subscription at Elementor Pro or Divi. With both page builders, your website will remain the same. No features will disappear. However, with both page builders, you do not get any updates or can import pre-made (Pro) templates. With Divi, you can still add modules to your pages. With Elementor Pro you can not add any new elements to your page. The Pro elements you have can still be edited.

Let us know what you think about this video and if we should do something like this again.

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