Create Filters Using The JetSmartFilters Plugin

With this filter plugin, you can organize your website and let visitors find what they are searching for in just seconds instead of scrolling through the whole website. With JetSmartFilters you can create custom filters for everything in your website that contains information. Title, Category, Publish Date, Price, Tag, Mileage, Year, Last Updated, Color, Brand, Men, Women, Author, etc. In the first few minutes, I show you what we will cover in this tutorial.

JetSmartFilters is a WordPress plugin from Crocoblock that enables you to create custom filters on your website. It works in combination with Elementor and Gutenberg from WordPress.

Overview With Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
00:16 What Can You Do With JetSmartFilters
02:42 What You Will Learn In This Tutorial
06:15 Get JetSmart Filters
08:24 Install JetSmart Filters
08:52 Activate The License
09:20 Smart Filter Settings
09:58 Create a Sorting Filter
22:32 Create a Model Hierarchy Filter
29:58 Create a Checkbox Filter in JetEngine + Elementor
33:46 Create a Custom Fields Filter
56:28 Index All Filters With Counters
01:00:51 Create A Visual Color Filter
01:10:20 Create A Visual Image Filter
01:15:52 Create A Search Filter
01:22:29 Create A Filter On The Homepage
01:34:40 Style the Homepage Even Further

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