Create an eCommerce Website Using Elementor Pro

In this video, I show you how you can create an eCommerce website using WordPress, WooCommerce, and Elementor Pro. With Elementor Pro you can create every single aspect of your website, and I will show you how, so you don’t need third-party plugins or themes with a lot of settings in order to create your WooCommerce website. You can do it all with Elementor Pro.

First, we will get a domain and Webhosting, if you don’t have that yet. Then we will install WordPress, get Elementor Pro, create pages, install WooCommerce, create a simple product in WooCommerce, create a variable product, import products in WooCommerce, create a template for the product page, and create a template for the archive pages.

Then we will talk about the WooCommerce Settings like currency, countries to sell to, and more. We will talk about coupon codes, shipping, taxes, and payment methods.

Of course, we will create an amazing homepage using Elementor Pro Elements and make use of pre made templates so you can save yourself some time in creating your webshop. After watching this video you are able to create an amazing webshop for yourself or for clients.

Overview With Timestamps
00:00 Intro
00:06 Overview Of The Tutorial
09:13 The 4 Steps We Will Take
10:18 Get A Domain And Webhosting
13:32 Choose A Domain name

17:58 Install WordPress
19:03 Make Your Website Secure
20:18 The Frontend and Backend Of WordPress
21:43 Clean Up Your WordPress Website
22:48 Configure Your Username/Account
24:03 Date and Time Format
24:41 Permalinks
25:49 Make Your Website Secure

Elementor Pro
26:02 Get Elementor Pro
29:02 Install Elementor Pro
30:45 Install The Hello Theme
32:14 Create Pages
35:14 Assign A Homepage

35:53 Create a Logo In Photoshop
38:50 Create a Favicon
40:16 Add a Site Title and Tagline

40:56 Install WooCommerce
41:32 The WooCommerce Wizard
43:28 Create a Simple Header Template
45:13 Create a Simple Product
45:32 Download Images On The Internet

Your First Product
48:47 The Product Title
49:07 Long Description
50:24 The Price and Sales
51:07 Inventory (Stock)
52:45 Sell Products Individually
53:42 Shipping
55:25 Add WooCommerce Product Categories
56:26 Product Tags
56:56 Add An Image
57:37 Product Gallery

58:54 Add Pages To The Menu
59:57 Create A Variable Product
59:57 Create Variables
1:11:14 Add Categories To Your Menu

Basic WooCommerce Settings
1:12:03 To Which Country Do You Sell
1:12:57 Change the Currency In
1:12:57 Add Different Kind Of Products
1:14:59 My Workflow In Adding Products
1:17:55 Import Products In WooCommerce
1:19:50 Add Reviews

Elementor Pro
1:25:28 Create A Single Product Template
1:30:53 Import Pre Made Temples For Free
1:32:35 Use Global Colors
1:43:23 Use Some Custom CSS
1:53:33 Make Your Template Responsive

1:57:52 Create A Product Archive Template
2:04:32 Change The Amount Of Columns
2:13:13 Add A Sticky Navigation Menu
2:19:49 Duplicate A Template
2:26:16 Style The Cart Layout
2:29:19 Change A Button Color With CSS
2:34:26 Edit The Checkout Page
2:36:17 Privacy Policy, Terms, and Conditions, etc.
2:39:30 Change WooCommerce Colors

WooCommerce Settings
2:45:21 WooCommerce Settings
2:46:59 GEOLocate
2:48:29 Products Settings
2:50:07 Inventory Settings
2:54:01 Accounts And Privacy
2:56:10 Email Settings

3:01:22 Coupon Codes In Percentage
3:07:02 Coupon Codes In Currency
3:08:53 Coupon Codes For Specific Products
3:10:25 Taxes
3:20:09 Automatic Taxes
3:21:41 Shipping
3:24:31 Table Rate Shipping
3:29:33 Create a Stripe Account
3:39:54 What Happens When People Buy Things

The Homepage
3:41:47 Get Inspired By Other Websites
3:46:33 Create The Homepage With Elementor Pro
3:54:27 Add Entrance Animations
3:58:48 Create A Section With 2 Columns
4:08:07 Show Products On The Homepage

The Footer
4:15:30 Add A Footer
4:23:31 Optimise The Footer For All Devices
4:24:23 What We Have Created
4:26:27 Optimise The Homepage For All Devices
4:27:58 The Final Result

5 Tips to Avoid Mistakes in Your Website Design Process

To create a good Website, designer requires to prevent a number of errors at any type of expense. In this short article, we are mosting likely to mention the mistakes as well as the suggestions to avoid them. A designer requires to learn about these usual blunders to avoid layout disparities.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

In this modern-day period, people and business are on the net for details. Why do you believe people go to an internet site? It’s mostly to find details. As well as if you’re in business world, details is important. You need to have a site for your customers.

4 Key Elements That Your Website Must Have

Bring in a consumer with your web site is rather tough as well as can highlight a great deal of difference in your sales. In today’s trend, people browse their web for every fundamental need. Having a good online visibility can aid an individual to reach to you easily. Besides the eye-catching styles, several various other components are essential to develop a good web site.

Web Design and Its Evolution

Considering the advancement of internet sites in time, this write-up digs into the main uniformities and also inconsistencies that have brought us to the modern site as we understand it. Taking a look at rate, HTML, CSS as well as much more this article spans details from 4 technological decades.

Tips To Attract More Visitors To Your Website

A website is a collection of Internet pages under a common domain. Today an internet site is understood to be one of the effective advertising tools. You can conveniently market your items online and can get in touch with individuals around the world. Developing a site is easy, any individual can do that, but creating an effective website is a tough job. Site is a reflection of your firm that helps to make a first impression on a site visitor.

Website Design – The Backbone of Any Online Business

Site making is a substantial component of an on-line service as well as should be made with utmost interest and also competence. A properly designed website informs a lot about your business.

Website Builder Vs Website Designer – Hire Or Do It Yourself

A well-designed internet site that is built making use of the most effective practices will benefit you 24/7 to attract visitors and transform those visitors right into customers. Fortunately is that you have a couple of choices when it comes to having a site developed for your local business: 1. You can do it on your own (Do It Yourself) by finding out to code or utilize a Site Home builder 2.

Web Design Or Development: What’s the Difference?

Local business owners commonly confuse web site design with web site advancement. While they are similar, they are completely different jobs. Here’s a little discussion on how they are different.

5 Proven Web Design Strategies That Impact Customer Experience

They can unquestionably disregard your site along the lines of poor web site design, crowded message, busy and also distracting backgrounds that make the message difficult to check out, unclear navigation or with a dirty web page that does not fit within a common web browser window. There are numerous factors customers can recuperate impacting your profits very. On a significant note, your website’s aesthetics, usability, navigability and responsiveness belongs and parcel of your brand name.

Importance of a Well Designed Company Brochure

With competitors home heating up, it is an increasing number of important for companies to display potential a lot more strongly. It is all about standing high amongst peers, or far better still showcase the ability to be unmatched with distinct principles, solutions, items or professionalism and reliability.

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