Create An Advanced Search Bar In Elementor Using JetSearch

In this tutorial, I show you how you can create an advanced search bar with realtime results in your WordPress and Elementor Website. The plugin is called JetSearch from Crocoblock and it can be used in your WordPress website using (the free and Pro version of) Elementor.

In this tutorial, I show you how you can get JetSearch from Crocoblock, install it into your WordPress and Elementor website, drag it into the page builder, configure the settings and the style. Below you can see an overview with timestamps:

Timestamps JetSearch
00:00 Intro
00:11 What You Will Learn
03:16 Get JetSearch From Crocoblock
05:50 Download and Install JetSearch
06:13 Get Your API Key
06:36 Import JetSearch Into Elementor

The Content Settings
07:06 Style The Section Around JetSearch
10:11 Add A Category List
13:24 Search By The Current Query
14:11 Add Custom Fields To The Search Query
20:20 The Results Area
24:01 Add Extra Information In The Search Results
27:10 Configure The Notification Text

Styling Of The JetSearch Element
28:04 The Search Form
29:12 The Input Fields And Category List
29:47 The Input Field
31:39 The Submit Button
32:23 Categories List
33:38 The Categories Drop Down Menu
35:13 The Results Area
37:06 The Results Items
40:39 The Custom Fields
43:07 The Results Counter
43:32 All Results Button
44:33 Bullets & Pagination
47:23 Thank You

This can be used in your WordPress website for blog posts, pages, WooCommerce products, custom post types. For any type of content.

Web Design Qualities Every Website Should Have

Simple as well as Distinct Design In designing an internet site, whether it is done by an amateur or website layout company, it should aim to develop one that mirrors the brand name of a company. It is important to leave a good impression. If a firm website is used a run-of-the-mill template, which looks like various others online, it will certainly not leave an influence or memory recall on viewers.

Web Design Tips for Small Businesses

Probably one of the greatest difficulties that proprietors of tiny companies need to take care of is having and also preserving a site. What makes it also harder is the unrestricted choices offered, and the expenses included that might vary from economical to extremely high rates that they can not understand. Professional internet developers need to intend to develop a site that can effectively reel in more relevant traffic to the website, produce additional leads as well as reduce the problems that individuals could run into as they navigate with the web pages for whatever reason or require they might have.

Using Colors in Web Design – A Short Guide

Visual uniformity assists in finding out. The regular use of visual design is suggested for all sort of individuals and also not just for nit-pickers. It is essential because it builds a pattern that helps your visitors make use of the website.

How to Use Colors in Web Design for Best Results

Color mix fills the canvas, and not the paint The a lot of basic point you need to comprehend is that the material plays the basic role while the design is second. Thus, make certain to pick a color pattern that doesn’t overpower the material of your internet site. The layout takes a rear seats, developing a component of history.

4 Web Design Tips to Up Your Game

Create Additional Room When a website is full of mess, it can look too complicated and also leave the viewers sidetracked and feeling perplexed. Consequently, terminating sidebars is a vital consideration. Nevertheless, rather of adding a lot of components on a web page, you should try to develop more room.

Keep Your Website in Top With These Simple Web Design Tips

Build an Organized Internet site In designing your internet site, it is best to maintain things tidy as well as simple, not loading it up with whole lots of unnecessary stuff. If this is your very first time to develop a website, this step might confirm to be challenging. Though it can be rather easy to add just anything or everything to your website, do not imitate a kid that acquires from a sweet-shop.

Web Design Strategies for Professionals Who Like to Stay Updated

All specialist web designers intend to succeed in their field of know-how. However, only a few succeed. What is the trick of their success?

How to Choose Your Next Web Design Company

Normal entrepreneur may not be as well familiar with the method an on the internet organization jobs and also that is why they need the assistance of a professional internet developer. It can be a challenging job to look for a website design company that you can count on. Since there are numerous style business nowadays, any online service proprietor who is just beginning can be overwhelmed with the offered options, particularly because all of these companies are trying to market their proficiency.

DIY Web Design – Is It a Good Idea?

Those thinking about designing their web site without any professional assistance can do so with assistance from the Web. You can gather all the required details on lugging a comprehensive search on the net. You’ll locate a variety of collections, tutorials and also themes which are of immense assistance to any type of newbie, particularly when you can not afford to hire the services of a professional.

Keep Your Web Design Updated With These Simple Tips

If you have a begin up service and you are trying to develop your own site (which you ought to have, nowadays, like other modern-day services), you realize that it can be an overwhelming job. You could be lured to employ a specialist web developer to develop a website for you but you may be able to do it on your own, particularly if your needs are simply easy. The problem is, where will you begin?

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