Complete Rank Math Tutorial | Better Than Yoast SEO 💥

In this video I walk you through all the settings of Rank Math: The best plugin that enables you to optimize your website. And it is free! With Rank Math you can import all Yoast SEO settings and take your website optimization even further than Yoast SEO.

There is a wizard that will get you up and running with this amazing SEO plugin. After that we will configure the general settings, title and meta settings, talk about xml sitemaps, upload them to your Google Search Console account. If you have no account yet I will show you how to get one and like it to your website.

We will talk about the 404 monitor and if you see that there are broken links in your website you can redirect them to the right page. We will talk about rich snippets that will make your search result in the search engines look much better! After applying the things you learn about Rank Math in this video your website is optimized to rank better in Google and other search engines!

Here is an overview with timestamps:
00:00:00 Intro
00:01:49 Get Rank Math
00:03:10 Create a free Rank Math account
00:03:39 Start the Wizard
00:05:34 Link your Search Console Account
00:08:32 Configure your Sitemaps
00:09:25 Configure some SEO Tweaks

Advances Options
00:10:39 Configure the 404 Monitor
00:12:08 Configure the Schema Markup
00:14:00 Activate and deactivate Addons

General Settings
00:15:03 Configure the General Settings
00:17:27 Configure your Images
00:22:21 The 404 Monitor
00:19:00 Link your Google Search Console and Bing account
00:23:29 Configure the Redirection Settings

Titles & Meta Settings
00:24:13 Configure the Title & Meta Settings
00:26:28 Configure the Local SEO Settings
00:28:31 Add Your Social Media Accounts
00:29:57 Configure the Post Formats
00:33:25 Posts, Pages and Misc

00:37:17 What are Sitemaps?
00:40:29 Submit your sitemaps to Google

00:43:00 The 404 Monitor
00:43:33 Create Redirections
00:46:19 Do a SEO Site Analisys

00:47:03 Optimise individual pages/posts

Web Design Tips on the Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Nowadays, several on-line firms market ready-to-use internet sites based on templates. For some people, it is simpler to get these layouts and also make some modifications in their websites. Though even more people are now attempting to design and construct their very own website, they neglect the smallest, however crucial information of web creating that could trigger the failing of their website.

The Importance Of Having A Portfolio On Your Website

Undoubtedly, having a profile on your website is important due to the fact that it reveals pride, narrate, and also show your process and passion towards your work. It raises your exposure and also aids to obtain gotten in touch with a growing number of customers. It allowed you to share as well as display your job in a fashion that can catch the focus of every site visitor as well as provide an obvious reason to be your customer. It enabled you to advertise on your own over the Globe Wide Internet.

Successful Characteristics Of A Website Catered To Children

When developing a service website catered toward younger kids such as a celebration solution, day care, or youngsters toy website, there are particular characteristics that the designer must remember. This short article will certainly talk about several of those attributes.

Successful Characteristics Of A Small Restaurant Website

Every site designer has their own approaches in developing an extremely effective web site for a small dining establishment. However there are particular characteristics that each website must share. This write-up will drop some light on what needs to go into a local business site.

Bring More Potential Clients to Your Website

It takes only some secs for the web site individuals to choose whether they desire to remain on your website by clicking further or leave by striking the back button of the internet browser. Hence, in instance of this web world, your greatest obstacle is none similar local firm yet the back button of browser. It needs to be born in mind that your web site may create a bargain or even break it. It fully depends on the strategies that you apply.

When Was The Last Time You Updated Your Website?

The real layout of your internet site has a considerable function to play in the total the results of your online business. Does it project the professional and also reputable company you desire it to predict?

Banner Designing and Its Advantages

Banner Creating is a graphical internet advertising device. An appealing banner attracts a huge number of individuals. An engaging banner adds in on the internet advertising and marketing of any type of website. It is a little rectangular display screen which shows up on all website.

Avoid These Web Design Mistakes for the Best Results

Poor Range of Work A practical guy that has actually benefited greater than twenty years in job monitoring when discussed that 80% of issues that take place in a job are brought on by poor range of work. To prosper, the range of job should consist of details of all the job to be done as well as provided. Most notably, both parties must have a contract on the extent of job before the execution of the job.

Web Design – Avoiding Conversion-Killing Mistakes

Improving our site’s appearances can, actually, hinder or perhaps worse, kill our conversions. Each website is designed with an objective in mind. It plans to sell items, win readers, gain clients, get donations or persuade visitors to contact them by telephoning.

How to Create a Useful 404 Error Page in WordPress

Absolutely nothing is worse than a client or potential client clicking a link and also getting taken to a damaged page with a “404 Error Page Not Found” message. The good news is, despite the fact that this is going to happen from time to time, even when you implement preventive procedures, you can make it less uncomfortable by creating beneficial 404 error pages.

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