All Design Is Political. Here’s Why (+Addressing Political Comments).

Whether you like it or not, every piece of design you produce is a political statement. Even the design you do not produce or the things you do not say are a political statement.

I occasionally get comments on the channel (most of the time hate-driven) addressing sensitive political topics because of my country of residence, so today I wanted to address these comments directly as well as talk about how design and politics are intertwined.

Often times people tell creators that they do not want nor care for their political views, but this is flawed thinking. Everyone is entitled to voice their political views as this is what moves the world forward. And, either way, staying silent is a political statement in and of itself. Your design work is also a political statement, so in the end, it’s inevitable and this must be discussed.

So, be mindful of what your design work conveys because all design makes a statement, from your design style to who you design for.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Let me know in the comments.

00:00 Intro
0:16 Philosophy of Design
1:15 Design is political
3:05 Even your design style is political
4:45 Addressing some political comments
6:40 Conclusion

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