A/B Testing With Webflow (in 5 Minutes!)

A/B testing with Webflow is an absolute breeze when combined with Google Optimize. In this video, I show you how we set up A/B testing on the Flux website in just 5 minutes.

Odds are, as you get more and more high-end clients, and as you work with clients on a longer-term basis, you’ll need to learn website optimization. A/B testing is the simplest, most effective way of testing and optimizing websites. Luckily, it’s super easy to set up with Webflow and Google Optimize.

Have you setup A/B testing in the past?

Google Optimize: https://bit.ly/2JVdPkw

Wanna start building websites, and not just designing them? Considering WordPress and Webflow? We wrote a blog post comparing the two: https://bit.ly/387nb4m

00:00 Intro
1:20 The pages we’re testing
2:16 Step 1
4:05 Using Google Optimize
5:28 Reporting

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