5 Website Types & How To Design Them | Free Web Design Course 2020 | Episode 16

An easy-to-digest breakdown of how to design all website types (Timestamps below).

Today, I come to you with a video you can refer to whenever you’re starting a different type of project.

Suddenly working on a blog / media outlet website if you’ve exclusively worked on e-commerce websites for the past 8 months can be daunting.

Different website types require different focuses as the purposes change from ecommerce websites to marketing to portfolios. This video gives you a memorable overview of what to focus on for each type of website (+website types examples) so that you’re more confident taking on different kinds of projects.

Website types list:
E-commerce [00:59]
Marketing / Business [4:38]
Blog / Media outlet [8:39]
Educational [11:41]
Portfolio [14:23]

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Thanks for watching the video!

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